Basement Windows

Basement Windows

Most homeowners consider a basement to be an area where they store their old furniture’s and other things which are not being currently used by family members. If you are looking to add more living space to your home, it becomes essential that you get rid of the extra things in your basement. You can further add brightness into its ambiance by installing Basement Windows in the area.  The installation of these windows in your basement area would bring in air and light, which would make it a comfortable family living area in no time. In most cases these windows are large and open out, bringing with them abundant sunshine and removing the boring element from the area forever.

Are they any major considerations to be kept in mind when you undertake window installation in your basement?

Monitor the level of water in your basement

Most basements are very prone to water flooding as they are at a low level. It thus becomes essential that you install a basement window which keeps out water and have a tight seal on them. The drainage system in the basement should be proper if the basements start from the ground level of the basement area. There should be no water tampering on the basement window area. Here you can use foot tall shield in the basement window region. This small step would keep the excess debris and water away from the window area.

Install safety measures

You would have happy burglars visiting you, if you have your basement window at the ground level. These windows can be broken and become a gateway to the rest of the house. Thus many homeowners use glass bricks to build their windows in basement. Additionally safety measures would include using a good quality lock from the inside and also having cross brace installed in the basement window area.

Keeping the cold air out

Most basements become cold dungeons during winter seasons. Therefore to make into a comfortable family area it the walls in your Basement Windows should be insulated properly and cold air should be kept out. You can also have a good room heating system in the basement.

Does a basement window have specific measurement requirements?

According to the International Residential Code a basement should have a single window in it. The basic measurement should be twenty four inches in width and twenty inches in height. This specification is necessary as the window would act as an exigency exit door, in case the home is on fire.  When a basement is used as a living space additional rules are there and one of them being more windows should be installed, so that fresh air and light be available to make the living space comfortable for its habitants.

What are the different window styles which can be implemented in your basement area?

Hopper Window

This is the simple window style that most basements enjoy. These windows have a screen which is installed from the outside window frame and the bottoms of these hopper windows have hinges in them. When you open these windows you would notice an inward tilt at top area. These windows are expensive to install.

Slider Window

As their name suggests, these windows slide from one side to another, when you open them. Slider windows are large in size and are expensive to install.  The screen of a slider window can be placed in the inside or in the outside of the basement window frame.

Window Bubble

If you have a small basement space then you can invest in a window bubble. Window bubbles are vinyl covers that fill the window space area in a basement. They keep out excess dirt and debris. These window bubbles have insulated walls and are good for basements which have a very small window opening too.

Awning Window

These windows have stylish mechanism in them and swing open from the bottom. These windows make your basement comfortable and keep the weather elements out in a secure manner. The screen in an awning window is inside the window frame. These windows are more expensive than the above window styles and are used in large basement areas.