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The Best Wine Storage Ideas that Would Suit Your Style

Upon your realisation of how passionate you are about wine collecting, you might want to start with obtaining some good wine storage ideas, either by looking at the vast numbers online or by doing some shop hopping along the way; either way, there would be ample amounts of ideas that you could follow. For example, there is the Miele wine cooler and its counterparts, to name just one of many types and models available and constructed by various manufacturing brands and distributed by several outlets globally. Henceforth, the Miele wine refrigerators are vast in how they are built and well put together to form a unit comprising different shapes, designs, and functionalities. By concentrating on the manufacturer itself and the teams they have available such as the ones from Bodega43.com, to name one manufacturer of many operating worldwide, it would become apparent that finding a wine cooler or fridge that would suit your requirements would not be far from reach; however, it is highly suggested that you research thoroughly before investing in such a specialized unit meant for preserving collections.

A single-zone

When you are a collector of a particular type of wine, either red or white, you might be interested in obtaining a single-zone wine cooler or a fridge that compromises the same capacity, and within this space, there would be one regularly flowing temperature and environment meant primarily for the preservation of your wine of choice; however, many wine experts do believe that you can store reds and whites in the same environmental temperature of between the gauge of 7-18 degrees Celsius. Still, as this is not an exact science, there are contradictions to this statement as it is believed that red requires a warmer temperature for proper wine storage of about 12 degrees Celsius, compared to its cousin, white wine, which requires a slightly colder temperature that would best be enjoyed when it comes to serving the wine. In addition, you must always set the humidity within such a unit at the optimal 70% level to ensure that the corks of the wine bottles do not dry out and lead to moisture seeping through into the wine itself. Either way, you prefer your wine, a single-zone wine cooler might be the best option, as it is both functional and beautiful.

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A dual-zone

A dual zone wine fridge or cooler is the best choice to suit the style of a wine collector who collects both types of wine, for example, red and white simultaneously, and who savors them both to be stored at different temperatures, as suggested they should be, as mentioned before. Henceforth, this unit is divided into two separate compartments with a steel plate in the middle inside. One room can then be set to be slightly warmer than that of the other; for instance, placing a bottle of red wine in a more hospitable environment could lead to the proper aging process needed by such a specific wine, hence, placing a white wine in a slightly colder capacity could ensure that the crispness and tanginess of the wine are preserved upon serving it, as this is believed to be the best way to do so.

Placing your collection

It is highly recommended that when placing your wine bottle collection inside a wine cooler, use the method of putting them in wine racks on their sides with the neck of the bottle facing slightly downwards. Additionally, this would save the wine’s integrity and taste and preserve the precious labels attached to the wine bottles. So, in retrospect, placing your wine bottles would ultimately take care of you and your treasured collection.