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What is the difference between American and German houses: What can we learn from the Germans?

Life is such that individuals differ from others. Despite the difference between individuals, in most cases, a group of people often do most things in the same way, hence, the concept known as culture. People in a village, town, city, state, and country will tend to have some similarities that can be used to generalize what to expect from them. This is not to say there won’t always be a few that will differ. However, they will just be different from the norm since most other people in that area tick that particular aspect.

When it comes to the Germans, there are some differences in the way they build and sell their properties when compared to the Americans. If you have just gotten a house in Germany, you should read about furniture made in Germany and other homeware made in Germany on Erfahrungenscout to know which properties you will need in your home, which type to buy, and where to buy them. This article will discuss the differences between the American and German houses as well as what we can learn from the German.

Home space

When it comes to home space, Americans mostly prefer to have open spaces in their homes. Hence, there is little compartmentalization of space. The implication is that you might notice the absence of a close-off between the kitchen and dining room as well as between the dining room and the living room. The same applies to toilets and bathrooms that are mostly together in the same space. However, the Germans mostly compartmentalize every aspect of their home implying that virtually everything has a different room. The kitchen is in a different room from the dining room and the sitting room. In most cases, even the toilet and bathroom will be in different rooms.

The same applies to their door policy where the Americans often leave doors to most rooms happen except when they need privacy in their bedroom or bathroom. The Germans, on the other hand, have a closed-door policy where to door is always closed and people have to knock before entering. We can learn from the Germans to have different rooms and containers for different things as applicable. The closed-door policy also enhances concentration at work and makes a person more relaxed without the fear of someone bumping into them at a wrong or awkward moment.

German houses

Moving around the house and shoes

The Americans and the Germans both pull off their street shoes at the entry point and change into slippers they use within the house. However, the Americans commonly work around with socks or barefoot while indoors. This is not generally acceptable in Germany where people are expected to move around in slippers always. Provision for guests is also made by Germans so that visitors can have slippers they can change into and use to move around the house. We can learn from the Germans to always keep our feet protected even while indoors.

Selling a house

The kitchen of houses sold in America is often furnished with necessary appliances and fixtures. The Germans, on the other hand, leave their kitchen bare and the buyer will have to install his sink and every other fixture. This makes it easier for the person to furnish the kitchen to their taste as opposed to being forced to buy the furnishings the housebuilder provided that might not be to the taste of the buyer.


The doorknobs of American houses are majorly round as opposed to in Germany where they have door handles as opposed to a doorknob.