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What to Consider When Hiring a Professional House Cleaner

Ensuring your peace of mind and safety begins with posing confident and clarifying inquiries to your professional cleaning service. Whether you’re already utilizing their services or contemplating doing so in the future, these questions are essential for maintaining a secure environment.

Do You Conduct Daily Health Checks on the Cleaners Who Enter Your Home?

This basic procedure can give you, and your cleaning staff, some peace of mind during these times.

Are Disposable Gloves and Masks Available for the Staff?

You should know in advance if the cleaning service will arrive with the right equipment. The equipment must be worn from the moment they arrive until they leave. Professional cleaning companies provide their employees with protective equipment in most cases. If they do not, then you may want to consider giving them the equipment.

Does the Staff Know How to Properly “Don” and “Doff” Disposable Gloves?

Safety gloves are an important part of the equipment used by cleaning companies. The cleaners are protected from harmful substances, such as viruses, by properly donning and doffing. They also avoid cross-contamination. Check for rips and make sure the gloves fit snugly before you wear them.

After Cleaning Other People’s Houses, Do They Disinfect the Tools?

Consider giving them your newly purchased rags if the cleaning service does not use brand-new rags every time they clean a house. Even after washing the rags, contaminants can remain.

How Will Cleaners Use Disinfectant, and Will It Be Effective Against COVID-19?

It may be listed on the EPA list of approved products for use against Covid-19. In that case, ask about the active ingredients in it and whether or not you can use it around pets or young children. If the product needs to air-dry or be wiped, you should ask if sanitary towels will be used. It is important to know the length of time that the product needs to be active before it can kill a contamination.

Will Your Cleaners Use a New Pair of Disposable Shoe Covers at Your Home?

If you don’t have them, provide them to your cleaning staff. A recent CDC report states that the virus can spread on shoes.

Does Your Cleaner Follow a Social Distancing Policy?

This is crucial if there will be anyone in the house while the cleaners are doing their work. Both you and the cleaning staff should follow social distancing guidelines. If that is not possible, then wear a mask.

Question the Health of Their Clients.

Asking the cleaning company this question can help eliminate any risk of spreading the virus between homes. By asking the cleaning company, you can reduce the risk of the virus spreading between clients.

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