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What to Know About Cockroaches in Hinsdale

Cockroaches are disease-bearing insects that homeowners hate. Nobody wants these filth pests in their homes because their presence can indicate unsanitary conditions. Roaches are quite hardy as they can withstand various living conditions. As they prefer to live in damp, dark environments, they encounter all types of filth, possibly posing a lot of health risks. When roaches are not handled quickly by a pest control expert, they can start a dangerous infestation.

Do Roaches Bite?

Sometimes, roaches may bite people; however, this is quite rare. These pests in Hinsdale choose other sources of food and won’t target people. If a roach population has grown exponentially and food sources become scarce, there is a great chance of these insects biting people. Unexplained bites may be due to bed bugs or fleas.

What Diseases Do Roaches Carry?

Cockroaches are carriers of different diseases, bacteria, and viruses that can be fatal. They are known to spread E. coli, dysentery, salmonella, typhoid fever, and gastroenteritis. These are spread through the droppings and shed exoskeleton of roaches. Also, roaches are not picky eaters. When they look for a meal, they may rummage through your food storage and crawl through prepping surfaces. Such form of food contamination also allow for the spread of various diseases.

When left unattended, roaches may crawl through your dry goods to find a meal. When they rummage, they may urinate or defecate and cause gastrointestinal problems. Roaches may come in contact with cutting boards, countertops, and other prep areas, possibly causing food poisoning.

Allergies that Roaches Cause

Roaches may cause indoor allergens and trigger asthma. Their saliva, droppings, and shed exoskeleton contain allergens that could lead to various reactions from people with weak immune systems. Also, cockroaches can cause skin reactions such as rashes in some people.

Preventing a Roach Infestation


Because cockroaches can live in various conditions, they can be hard to prevent. But you can avoid an infestation if you keep your house clean. Roaches will enter your house if they sense the presence of organic matter. Thus, overflowing garbage cans, dirty dishes, and exposed food sources can attract them to your home. Additionally, they may hide outdoors in degrading wildlife such as gutters and rotting wood piles.

If you have an active cockroach infestation, call a pest control professional. Although you can try to eliminate roaches with DIY solutions such as baits or boric acid, trained pest exterminators can quickly identify various roach species and employ the most effective treatment. Exterminators usually use pyrethroids and Pyrethrin for roach treatments. Such chemical insecticides work by paralyzing and killing cockroaches. These compounds are also available in chrysanthemum flowers. They are harmless compounds, so spraying them will not hurt anyone on your property.

The first part of treating a roach infestation is a thorough inspection. This allows pest control experts to identify the kind of roach species that are infesting your property and the extent of the infestation. With this, they can develop a treatment plan tailored to your particular pest situation.